The Generational Response to COVID-19: Gen Z

Kasasa, an award-winning financial tech and marketing company, states that Generation Z is categorised as individuals born between 1995 and 2015. Through this time, Zoomers would have little to no memory of the horrific September 11 attacks which shook the world. However, we will have memories of the global Covid-19 pandemic. Although the Pandemic presents a similar threat to everyone, it has a different effect on every generation. 

Early in the year, I originally planned to attend family engagements, travels, graduation, development courses, interviews and events to enhance my understanding of the real world: The Pandemic brought everything to a standstill. This had a major impact on me socially, impacting my education and future career.

Covid-19 has caused major disruptions to everyday life. As a mechanical engineering student, my typical day consisted of waking up at 0600, going for a run, breakfast, shower and day preparation before beginning the commute to University. During the commute I would clasp at the opportunity to advance writing my book before arriving at University, where studies and work on the project would begin. A successful day of studying would be followed by extra-curricular activities such as sports or personal development prospects. 

Although I would stick closely to this routine, any opportunity to learn more through experiences would be taken. In contrary, during the lockdown I was struggling to stick to my routine. The uncertainty meant we do not know when things will return to normal. My motivation is being tested as I am confined to my home, although still required to complete schoolwork and take exams whilst everything is being cancelled around them. The mental impact of plans not being met can be cataphoric, therefore, I maintained an appreciation for technology where I could share the way I feel and keep in contact with family and friends.

As a young soul, it has been tough to decide whether I should risk catching the virus and fight it like every other flu. Being confined at home meant that if one person contracts the virus, they could affect those more vulnerable than them. However, as a Zoomer, I believe our generation is likely to be the super-spreaders as they may contract the virus and not show any symptoms but pass it on.

Furthermore, the Pandemic has severely impacted a lot of Zoomers in their ability to take on new opportunities. Most companies are struggling to meet financial demands, often forced to cut off employees. Having known many people being made redundant during the Pandemic, it must frighten those like me job hunting when companies are deferring all applications until there is more certainty around this virus. All interviews are conducted online which shows that work doesn’t need to stop. But online interviews are very different from the real thing, where applicants can get a feel of the workplace they aspire to be going into. There are little to no graduate opportunities available for immediate start, leaving many students jobless and without a career path.

There is a lot of frustration running through my generation. Although, not all is negative as this crisis has allowed individuals to show discipline, courage and perseverance in the face of the challenge.