International Banking

An international bank works throughout many sectors all across Europe, such as agribusiness and infrastructure. They have invested over 180 Billion pounds in thousands of projects over the years, and are always investing in new ventures to help economies. 

‘Modern, forward thinking, and efficient’. These are the words used to describe what they wanted from their ideal headquarters. Their new SMART building in Canary Wharf had high expectations to live up to. After multiple relocations since 1991, they wanted somewhere that they could really put down roots. 

However, a huge piece of space like this came with many challenges. Wayne Lovelock, the Space Planning specialist tasked with getting the building into the state they needed it to be, was using a combination of Excel, CAD drawings and help desk requests to try and manage all of the moving parts. 

For moves specifically, Wayne had a dedicated team that would manually inform It and HR of any and all moves, create each move pack and crate, as well as all details in between. This wasn’t sustainable for such a big project that could need more than 50 move jobs to happen weekly. 

Luckily for Wayne, and for us, he stumbled upon us at a trade show in Hong Kong. He was drawn in by our iconic LEGO office, but stayed for our great tools that matched all his needs. 

What Happened:

The Accordant system has streamlined many of the processes that used to be incredibly time consuming. Our tools could automate their moving processes so that everyone knew exactly what was happening, who it involved, and when. Move packs could be instant created and sent out. Everything became much easier to carry out.

Using one central, web-based system also meant that if any changes were made with seating plans or floor plans, a quick refresh meant that everyone was using the most up to date version of everything they needed. This also meant when they integrated their existing HR system, any updates would automatically be added to the system. Keeping track of new starters and those who have been let go is vital for such a big organization. This was now completely automated. 

They also wanted to implement a hybrid working system. Accordant not only allowed them to do this, but allowed them to customize all of the hybrid requirements to suit their needs. They were able to implement a successful hybrid work system. This meant that each desk could house three workers (not at one time, of course). This gave their employees freedom at a time when coming into the office was still a new possibility after the pandemic. This concept of flexibility was incredibly important then and now.

After the success of their Canary Wharf headquarters, they expanded their use of Accordant to their entire portfolio. This means that they are successfully managing 64 buildings with our software. They have also recently undergone training in our Leases module to help them manage their buildings.