Major Government Portfolio

A major government portfolio were looking for a space management system to manage 40 buildings. They were working with spreadsheets, which often contained outdated or inaccurate data. So, they needed a system that could organize their data, hold large amounts of data, and could be trusted to always give accurate information on their space figures. They also needed to be able to keep a track of large amounts of assets within their estate. 

What Happened:

We discussed their needs with them. We discovered that they needed to be able to do everything mentioned above, as well as produce reports, help staff locate different facilities, and have a desk booking system that can handle a large number of desks/people. So, we got to work. 

We were able to set up their system with the 40 buildings they needed and provide all of the tools they needed. We also were able to customize their dashboards to make using the system more efficient. 

In no time at all, outdated spreadsheets were a thing of the past. They had a much more reliable system to use. This also meant that this data was readily available for everyone who needed it at any time. This meant that more time was able to be spent working on ways to improve space than just measuring space. 

They also was able to greatly benefit from our survey tool. This allowed them to conduct custom and specific surveys on whatever they needed. Their use of space was transformed by being able to definitively say what worked and what didn’t. We were also able to add in customized reports to the system so that making changes could be even quicker. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, they found that the additions to the Accordant system to help with social distancing. This tool allowed the user to easily plan out a floor plan to make sure that any and all safety precautions were taken when getting staff back in the office. 

Since trying and loving our system, they have expanded their contact with us to manage the full 720 building portfolio. Peter Faulkner, the Property Portfolio Strategy Manager, was pointed in the direction of Accordant. Our system had all the tools they needed, and more. Faulkner said ‘We knew what kind of hammer we needed, and we went out to find said hammer to crack the nut. Although we reviewed a number of solutions, Accordant was the right size, the right weight, the right tool, and the right priced hammer to extract space data from existing and antiquated plans to use in numerous ways in different parts of the organization’.