Investment Management

An investment management company that has worked with global institutions and financial advisors. The company itself has employees worldwide. 

Their New York headquarters was about to begin undergoing huge renovations. They had 500 000 square feet of space and 1 200 employees. The team needed to achieve these renovations with as little disruption to their staff as possible. They also had to be able to efficiently move everyone into the space once it was completed. 

Their existing CAFM system was not going to be able to handle the job. It was complicated and clunky, two things that they didn’t have time for during this renovation. Reporting with this system took far too long and therefore slowed the entire process down. The system being outdated and semi-automated on top of this meant that they needed to invest in something newer, sleeker, and overall much more intuitive to use. 

Their new system needed to have a quick installation to get this project on its feet. They needed something that could handle this many employees being moved around, as well as streamline reporting. One of the most essential elements was that it needed to be able to be easily picked up by employees. Jessica Fay (the AVP of Real Estate at the time) was the only one who could navigate the old CAFM system. This couldn’t be the case any longer. 

What Happened:

Accordant was their choice of space management software. Fay had seen a presentation about our system and knew we could achieve everything they needed and more. She remembered not only how easy the system was to use and navigate, but also the function to create test scenarios in move jobs. This function allows you to plan and replan as many times as needed. This would be vital in making sure that all employees would be in the correct space before the space even existed.