Private Investment

A private investment company has been a long time user of Accordant. They used our space management tool to keep track of figures in many of their American offices. They found that it had improved their management of the space they had. This, in turn, gave them the ability to branch out and adapt their space. 

What they needed was a way to conduct move jobs. Pre pandemic, the company had planned on refurbishing three floors of office space in their European headquarters in Mayfair, London. Due to this, many had been working remotely and some were also using temporary office space in London whilst renovations were happening. This meant that now there were two buildings that needed to be organized, especially as they wanted to start getting people back into the office. 

Colin Edwards is the European properties and facilities senior associate in the UK. He was trying to conduct move jobs with only spreadsheets and manually editing CAD drawings. So, manually trying to organize people coming into the smaller, temporary office space. Then, they had to be transferred from this space to the renovated office. Alongside this, he had to be able to produce reports on the new headquarters, create an optimized working environment, and make sure that everyone could locate everything they needed to make the transition as seamless as possible. 

So, they had a lot of needs, and needed a system that was capable of all of this and more, reliable, easy to use and quick to set up and start working with. All of these boxes were checked by Accordant. On recommendation from their American office, they Invested, and started the process of working with us.

What Happened:

Colin Edwards struggled at first. He was very used to the internal system that they had always been using. However, once he got used to using the system, and became more comfortable with the more visually based system, he found it to be incredibly intuitive. He was also the first person at the company to use the Move managing module in our software. This made transitions through several different types of space much easier for the moves team, and the entire staff too. 

Their Mayfair headquarters now had permanent desks for each member of staff, with upper management having a semi-private space amongst their teams. Having been working remotely and / or with hybrid patterns for several years meant that this was a huge change. So they benefited from expanding their use of Accordant as they moved into their new and improved space.

The staff  were able to use our wayfinding tool to be able to locate anything and anyone they needed. This gave them back time that would have been wasted, especially when a move can be so disruptive for the company. 

Accordant also gave them the ability to closely monitor, track and report on their Occupancy levels. This was crucial, as they needed to get people back in the office. After such a huge refurbishment, with a lot of money spent, they needed to make sure their investment was worth it. Creating reports could be done in just a few clicks. This, again, saved time that could be put into new areas of development. 

They continue to use Accordant for many of their Space management needs. They have also expanded the use to many of their European buildings. Colin Edwards said “…overall, the system has become really simple to use. Whether printing a floorplan or a PDF, I save time and energy not having to using Powerpoint with an abundance of names getting in the way. We now get quality stats and a more complete view of our existing footprint.”