Why accordant?

Why choose Accordant? We offer so many amazing solutions for a fraction of the cost of other solutions and with incredibly quick set times.  

Fast Implementation

Your system can be ready to use in just a few short weeks. Let’s start at the beginning. When you start the process of setting up your site, we work with you to make sure we have accurate floor plans for all of your space. It can take as little as a few weeks to make sure that your site is up and running. Then you’re ready to start working.

Unlimited Users

The system is priced by the amount of space you have, and this is all you will ever pay for. This means that you can have an unlimited number of users to manage your space. Our users also have multi-level access. This means that you can have certain users who only work on move jobs, and others who only track lease information. So, each user gets the access they need whilst being restricted from information that they don’t need.

Great Support Team

We have a great team of specialist who are ready to help you with any issues that arise. Our helpdesk has a range of people working to solve any issues that you may face. Just email in, then we will assign your problem to the best person to deal with it, and it will be sorted in no time! We are always happy to talk over anything and get on a call if need be.

Easy to Use

Accordant was designed to be extremely user-friendly, with all of these tools coming as standard. With multiple modules, each with their own set off tools to make managing your space less time consuming. Many of the processes that take up the most time are automated in Accordant. For example, producing reports and documents. Many of these can be automatically produced with just the click of a button. Any custom reports can also be added into the system to be produced automatically.

One of our most well known and simplest tools is using dragging and dropping to arrange staff. You can visually arrange people and then make all the moves in seconds. Rather than spending ours planning and documenting moves, let our system do this for you.

80% Less CAD Work

Using our unique block system means you do not have to rely on error-prone poly lining of each location. In other words, you can cut down on the amount of time you spend drawing your space and actually start managing it.

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