Accordant is the Solution for you

What makes our software such an invaluable asset to your company is the range of solutions that we offer. They are all user friendly and easy to grasp, even for those who don’t have much technical knowledge. These solutions also all come as standard when you purchase our software. Find out more about a selection of them below.

Track all of your space and make sure that everything is accounted for, charged back accordingly and categorized.

Moves and Changes can be done in less than a day with Accordant. Our module can handle moves from a few people to whole buildings with simple to use tools.

Keep track of your occupancy, down to how each department occupies your space. Then create documentation to report back on any occupancy factor you need.

Give your employees the ability to book the space they need whenever they need it. From your phone or desktop, easily reserve your space to work from the office.

Plan for any potential changes that may occur with not only the amount of space your company has, but the distribution of your employees.

Upload any documentation about your lease to our system. This will store all of this information as well as create a schedule showing any updates with your leases.

Conduct surveys on several areas of your estate to make sure that they are being utilized how you want / need them to be. Also create reports on your findings.

Create your assets in our system and track them throughout any moves, changes and assignments they go through.

Find people, desks, rooms and assets no matter where they are in your estate, with automatic updates when employees are moved and desks are booked.