Strategic Plans

Plan for expansion or downsizing
with our simple tools

The closest you can get to predicting the future is making sure you’ve planned for it. Easily develop strategies at all levels using your real-time data. Develop different scenarios and best practices, planning and replanning as needed

Can I have high level scenario planning that provides rapid answers to strategic level questions?

Quickly develop plans at different levels using a range of tools. Stack Planning enables you to easily model department workspace assignments at a floor and building level. Add different workspace types to your plan, and include forecast changes to department size, amount of agile space etc. to build your models.

For higher level strategies, start at a building, region or even a global level. This will allow you to see the impact of potential strategies on your demand for and supply of workspaces with potential crisis points automatically highlighted.

If your predictions turn out to be a reality, you can link your strategies with move jobs. This keeps these figures in mind when you are planning person to person.

Create detailed strategies for your business by entering only a few potential data points

Our stacker tool lets you arrange all staff to avoid any possible crisis points

Take crisis points and directly create a move job to handle them before they happen

Let’s talk about strategic planning!