Financial Services

Our Journey with this financial services group started way back in 2003. This is when they hired Kevin Oxley as a part of their space management team. He was tasked with finding a space management tool that was the whole package. Their team needed to be able to perform moves and changes, expertly plan their space, provide a reliable booking system, and more. 

Up until then, they had to manually update graphs and charts each and every time they moved people around their space. This couldn’t go on for much longer. The time spent on this needed to be reduced, and the process needed to be automated. This could allow them to think about much bigger moves as the company expanded. 

So, Kevin Oxley needed a solution. He researched many different tools, and found that the best suited to the job was Accordant. This met all of the needs of a move management system. Our software also came along with other useful tools, such as a help desk system and a desk booking manager. 

What happened:

After purchasing Accordant, Kevin Oxley quickly trained and became an expert in using the Moves module. This allowed him to quickly and easily move people, places and things. This meant that their office merger of two buildings into one went as smoothly as possible. This success gave them the confidence and trust in Accordant to continue using the product for similar jobs. 

“The People Finder tool to track staff is the next important thing. I am able to track staff by their seat location, and everyone can view the changes…it’s my ‘bread and butter’ of finding members of the team anywhere within the portfolio.”

Now, the portfolio is fully online and available to work with Accordant. This means that all processes are now automated. This also means that they can utilize the desk bookings module across their estate, which has made this different work style much more accessible. 

They have found that over the years of use, Accordant has been able to keep up with trends and technological advancements. The system has never fallen short of delivering the best set of tools. They have also found that the relationship between their company and CadM has meant that we can discuss what their needs are and can use this as inspiration and direction for development. They especially felt that our social distancing tools were an exciting addition that came with a lot of potential to get people back into the office.

“Having worked closely with CadM for many years now, I cannot imagine an office without it.”