CadM’s COVID-19 Update

As the Corona virus (Covid-19) situation develops we wanted to provide you with some useful information.

In accordance with Government guidelines, to protect our staff and to observe social distancing rules both the UK and US office premises are closed. All members of the CadM team are working remotely to ensure our clients can get support if and when they need it. CadM is set up to support remote working for all our business functions including support and project delivery. E-mails and phone calls are being responded to as normal and all ongoing and new project work is continuing as planned.

To help our clients through this period of uncertainty and dramatic change to working practices we are offering guidance sessions for any client who wishes to review parts of the software which could be useful given the current crisis. In particular we are encouraging clients to use the system to help them:

  • identify groups of employees in a certain area that need to be contacted urgently
  • identify and move groups to home working
  • reorganise space to group smaller numbers of employees in a manageable environment
  • identify key employees
  • provide wayfinding to staff in unfamiliar locations (restrooms, fire escapes)
  • identify areas that need additional cleaning due to infection reports

As the situation develops, we will continue to keep all our clients and colleagues up to date. If you have any general concerns or questions, please contact For any support queries please use the usual support guidelines as set out in your contract and the client area.