Businesses have done awesome good deeds to make a difference in challenging times…have YOU?

Companies around the globe keep stepping up, making impressive contributions in products, services, donations and time. Have YOU found a way to make a difference in these most uncertain times through personal initiatives? Whether a random act of kindness, donations of food, or reaching out to a neighbor in isolation, sharing of your resources brings joy and calm to those most in need of support. Support a small local business, make contributions and volunteer at food banks, donate blood, or offer tutoring assistance. As Anna James sums up in her book Covid Kindness UK:2020: A celebration of hard work, adaptability and kindness people around the world have been stepping up to help others.

Amazon continues its blogs on Covid-19 acts of kindness.  Currently, the company has placed pop-up clinics in high positivity states for vaccinations and testing, along with advocating for vaccinations for all front-line workers in their employ. The company still provides two (2) weeks paid time off for those testing positive. Billions have been invested on initiatives that support global safety policies and standards. The company remains committed to avoid price gauging. 

T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T and iHeartMedia donated phone chargers so that those isolated remained connected. Non-profits provided free delivery services to high-risk seniors. In cities around the country, groceries were delivered, funds raised for Meals on Wheels, and small businesses served smoothies to first responders and medical staff in the area.  

  • Anheuser-Busch, Pernod Ricard USA and Coty continue to produce hand sanitizer and gel
  • Gap factories still work with partners to produce fabrics for the production of masks and gowns
  • BlackRock’s commitment in phased funding to food relief efforts continues
  • Audible still offers hundreds of free audiobooks for children of all ages
  • The Allstate Foundation financially supports a violence hotline for victim support
  • The Crosstown Collective are creating food packages for those in isolation containing, fresh fruit and veg, freshly baked bread, milk, cheese, and a few treats such as doughnuts
  • The Mercedes F1 team have been developing breathing aids for those struggling with COVID

Big pharma remains our hero for vaccine production and distribution. Meanwhile, technology companies have been supporting local communities to help fill voids in connectivity so households can remain entertained and informed.  Several companies have launched programming to assist in re-educate, upskill, or simply add new skills that benefit an individual for re-hiring.

“…By 2022, 54% of all employees will require significant upskilling…” The World Economic Forum “…One quarter of American jobs are at a high risk of automation by 2030…” The Brookings Institute

Seven (7) firms have invested in these types of programming that prepare for the future.  This list includes Verizon, Bank of America, PwC, Amazon, Accenture, JPMorgan and AT&T.  Whether it’s a retrain effort or upskill initiative, these efforts support those struggling to find employment. Partnering with local schools to train students for in demand jobs, even supporting those unable to attain a four-year degree, these businesses are implementing on-site training programs for starter positions.         

An article published in Business Insider back in April of 2020 suggested we all consider these simple questions to pay it forward in the upside down:  what do you have that you should share? what can you offer? and what should you still be doing for the greater good?

“When you treat others well…it has ripple effect…” Megan Kashner, Director Social Impact, Kellogg School               

Please share with us any company wide initiatives you’ve taken part in, or just your ‘pay it forward’ moment (s) of kindness.