What are your goals for your workspace in 2024?

Make sure you have all of the tools you need for better space management in 2024

At CadM, we are passionate about helping people achieve their space management goals. So, in 2024, we wanted to give you some space management issues that Accordant can help you solve.

1.No more stressful move jobs

With Accordant, move jobs can go from being tedious processes that takes weeks, to taking as little as a few minutes. Using our moving bus, it is easy to keep track of all movers, even when moving large numbers. We can automatically catch any displaced employees, and will flag up any discrepancies with allocations. Any issue that you may regularly have, we have a solution for. Accordant even allows you to plan and replan the move arrangement before anything is made live. You always have full control, with several safety nets.

2.Optimize your space management

Easily see how your space is currently organized right now, see where there are problem areas, and have the tools to be able to improve this. We provide several modules that can cover a huge range of space management factors. This ranges from specifically managing every square foot of space to managing occupancy in every building. This will allow you to organize everything in a few clicks. You can then automatically generate reports. Finally, you can use our modules to plan for the future and optimize your space.

3.Implement flexible working areas

Implementing flexible areas is something that many want to do, but don’t know where to start. Accordant has incredibly advanced tools for not only implementing flexible or agile areas, but managing and optimizing them too. Creating an agile neighbourhood is as easy and selecting the needed desks and selecting the tool. We also have pages dedicated to making sure that all agile areas are allocated properly. Our system even allows you to easily compare the number of desks in your space to the number of slots provided by the agile areas present on each floor.

4.Make booking easy for everyone

There are several ways you can book a desk using Accordant. You can book from your desktop and from our mobile application. This allows you to book and use our finder module where ever you are. Accordant’s booking module allows you to filter available desks by where you are in the world, the date you need, as well as what assets are available there (e.g.telephone, monitor, etc.). You will also always be able to find your team when using bookable desks as our Finder module is responsive to bookings and can be filtered by date too.

Do you have Space management issues that we haven’t mentioned? Why not speak to a member of our team about how Accordant could help.

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If you only make one goal this year, make sure it’s to invest in a space management system that gives you everything you need.