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If you look around your office and see a lot of empty desks but somehow your premises costs are still rising, you may need a (better) workspace management system. Providing the right number of workstations as needs change is not simple - and on average one desk costs a business about half the salary of the employee supposed to sit there, empty or not.

Accordant is software designed to reduce wasted space in the office, control these costs and plan effectively for future needs.


A 100% web-delivered solution completely integrated with your CAD plans. Available to license and install or as Software As A Service.

Accordant Anywhere

Create, execute and analyse a wide range of user-definable surveys using the free-to-download Android app to collect data over wide areas.

Some of the ways we are saving the world one desk at a time

Accordant is unique because it's very simple to set up and easy to keep up to date. It is without doubt the most scaleable solution of it's kind with users in the SME and corporate sectors plus all points in between. Subscription prices start at only $495/€395 per month and include all the features you'd expect.

People & Asset Tracking / Viewing

Simple online tools to locate and view people and assets in a browser. Quickly find and report on data mismatches making up-to-date headcounts and occupancy figures simple to produce ensuring resources are best utilised.

Moves & Change Management

Unrivalled move management capability that controls and simplifies staff and asset moves. Moves/changes are simple to plan and report with low maintenance CAD renderings and a comprehensive drag and drop interface.

Space Allocations & Recharge

A unique space recharge system delivers significant time savings to clients with extensive amounts of available office space, as well as making the process simple and affordable for smaller users.

Scenario Planning

Fully managed drawing environment linked to AutoCAD and ZWCAD. Version control with cloud-based drawing storage including roll-backs. Multiple offline scenario drawings to test possible reconfiguration schemes.


Automated documentation for occupancy & vacancy, moves & changes, space allocations and utilisation surveys. Customizable reports exported directly from the web to PDF and Excel formats.

Other Features

Utilities package including engineering drawing archive. Public modules including resource booking, help desk and people finder. Comprehensive survey package for easily testing utilisation, equipment status etc.

Accordant Anywhere

Accordant's tablet/smartphone application gives you the power to create, execute and analyse a wide range of user-definable surveys. Check your desk utilisation, meeting room occupancy or even the contents of your supply room.

  • On demand floorplans
    Join a survey and select your floor plan to begin your observations.
  • Wide range of devices
    Any android smartphone or tablet can be used with optimum viewing for device size.
  • WIFI and off-line operation
    Download the floor plans to the device, complete the survey and then upload to the server once you have a WIFI connection

Accordant Video Tutorials

If you've got a minute... take a look at our "one minute space manager" video tutorials?

We created these to show key features of the product range in swift and simple presentations rather than long, boring lectures.

You can dip in to these (literally one minute at a time) to pick up tips, learn more about Accordant, or even find out about new features in the latest version.





Service Providers


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Kevin Oxley - Building / Facilities Manager, ICAP

"The ICAP Facilities Team have worked closely with CADM for over a decade, continuously developing and enhancing this excellent product. It is simplistic, user friendly and something any professional organisation should not be without."

Martin Atkinson - Head of Space and Moves - CBRE

"We are using the Accordant suite of tools across many global client portfolios. The rapid implementation, ease of use, scalability and ability to adapt to client specific space and occupancy reporting requirements makes it a key component in our service delivery model. We are able to capture space and occupancy information once, share it with other key property and/or FM systems and our clients are able to access reports 24/7 via a web browser."

Bill Nolan - President, Buildingi

"We’re very impressed with CADM’s Accordant offering and look forward to an on-going partnership. Accordant allows Buildingi to offer a solution that is geared to support growth, provides an excellent user experience and pairs perfectly with our client-centric principles."

Matthew Sheldrick - Managing Director - Qube Global Software
"Working with CADM is always an enjoyable experience. The whole team brings a level of expertise in the workspace technology field that is hard to find. They are highly responsive and bring a collaborative approach to every situation. The Accordant application provides an amazing platform for space managers and planners to raise the level of service they offer within their own organizations. It drives genuine financial returns and significantly improves the working environment for everyone that uses the system. The CADM teams' creative approach to new requirements (however unusual) and the continual addition of new functions and ideas provides us with long term confidence in our working relationship. We have worked together on a number of projects and I continue to look forward new and exciting opportunities to work together."