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With minimal CAD work required to set up plans and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, you can quickly report on changes and create multi-tiered departmental breakdowns. This can also be balanced back to your lease. Additionally, analyze type, purpose, vacancies, occupancy, utilization, etc., and respond to all changes with minimal technical floorplan editing.
So, all you need to be an expert is the desire to achieve smart answers quickly.

If portions of the workforce remain at home or use local hubs, add this into existing office plans. With a simple set-up for flexible space, agile neighborhoods, and unlimited desk bookings by the hour, this is easier than ever. Accordant allows you to account for all the types of space that your team work from. Set up shifts and business continuity plans that prepare for all possible outcomes.

Power new Working

Reports, reports and MORE reports

Produce KPIs on density, capacity, agility, utilization, desk booking efficiency and more. Office grade reporting lets you auto-grade offices on floor space, external windows, etc. Because of this, you can easily view open space based on office grade. Clearly see who is using what you have, based on employee type, seniority, status, or department. Whether customized or out-of-the-box, Accordant provides the reports you need at the click of a button.

Scenario plan for when space runs short, for pending closures as usage runs down, or simply for predicting when you are going to need more workspace. Evaluate whole buildings when high-value real estate is tight to plan, test and publish. Then, execute moves with maximum ease and minimal disruption. So, solve your space management issues with Accordant.

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