Supporting London Boroughs in 2023

Free Trials and an exclusive 30% discount to Local Authorities subscribing this year!

This year, Local Authorities across London will face various challenges. These include managing and optimising use within the buildings they own and occupy.

Supporting London Boroughs in 2023
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New working patterns and staff requirements may take time to finalise, and questions will arise about how much space is needed, what type and how best to share it within multiple people/functions.

CADM is a London-based software company specialising in WorkSpace. Our product, Accordant, has been helping people get these kinds of answers for over 30 years with (typically) 25%-30% improvements in efficiency. It’s 100% web-based, easy to set up and costs very little to own as well as maintain. Prices start at £350 per month in our London local authority special offer. This always includes unlimited users and bookable desks within your space.

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Accordant has delivered results for smaller portfolios (e.g. Cancer Research UK, National Composites Centre) as well as the very largest (e.g. the Department of Work and Pensions).

If you are planning with Floorplans and Spreadsheets or even using a legacy space system, Accordant can help. We provide tools for:

Accordant has extensive, flexible reporting tailored to your precise needs.

As the only system of its kind 100% built, owned and financed within London. We have committed to this city since the 1990s. We want to give back to the place that has been our home for 30 years.

Our London local authority special offer gives a 30% discount on list prices to all London Boroughs throughout 2023.

We’d love to talk to you about how we can save you time and money. We’ll even offer you a free trial!

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