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Space Management for US Educators

All the tools you will ever need for Space Utilization and Desk Booking!


Desk Booking and Hot Desking

Unlimited desks and users within your space. Set up a Hot Desk as free for all, or a Bookable Desk with a single click and it’s immediately visible on users mobile ‘phones. 

Booking is that simple to set up with Accordant. It is also as simple as a few clicks for anyone to book the resources they need.

Utilization and Occupancy Reporting

Develop insights on how well utilized buildings and resources are on a day-to-day basis.

Get the hard data you need with our desk survey / activity tools or easily interface with access control systems or desk sensors.

Campus Wayfinding

With a simple search, your staff can easily locate people, a quiet pod, or even a lecture hall.

All the functionality you need is available on any laptop or hand-held device.

Space Management is simple and inexpensive with CadM!