Solve your Space Management Issues with Accordant in 2023

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Solve Your Space Management Issues with Accordant:

Desk Booking and Hot Desking

Unlimited desks and users within your space. Set up a Hot Desk as free for all, or a Bookable Desk with a single click and it’s immediately visible on users mobile ‘phones. Booking is that simple to set up with Accordant. It is also as simple as a few clicks for your team to book the resources they need. Space management can be that simple with Accordant.

Utilisation and Occupancy Reporting

Develop insights on how well utilised buildings and resources are being used on a day-to-day basis starting with our desk survey / activity tools or easy interface for access control systems or desk sensors.

Space Strategy and Reporting

Set up reports for what you have, what type of space it is and who uses it. Compare against standard benchmarks and project future use. Our system makes reporting quick as well as reliable, so you can solve your space management issues with Accordant.

Moves and Changes

Plan office moves and re-organisations with simple drag and drop plans. Schedule actual moves or evaluate “What If” scenarios for the best fit. Try out different combinations of seating plans before making anything live in your system to make sure you get the best results from your moves.

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We have committed to this city since the 1990s and are the only space system 100% built, owned and financed within London. So we wanted to give London’s local authorities a 30% discount on our services. We want to help solve your space management issues.

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