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We know that dealing with space presents many issues. Some are smaller, day-to-day things that need to be handled efficiently, but aren’t top priority. However, some can take months of planning and need a lot of attention. A lot of people ask us questions about Accordant to see if the system can handle their needs. Let’s look at a few examples of scenarios and how Accordant can help below.



Right now, many are struggling with their space, specifically how much or little of it they need. With hybrid working becoming normal for many companies, having the same amount of space as they did 10 years ago isn’t worth it. However, before you go offloading half your office space, you need to make sure this is practical for how your employees use your current space. So, how can you do this?

Our occupancy module allows you to track and report on the occupancy in your office. This can be on just one floor, or your entire estate. We also realise that occupancy is more than just a desk that’s used and a desk that’s not. Accordant allows you to categorise vacancy specifically to make sure that everything is accounted for. Once everything has been categorised, you can view all this information directly on a floor plan. This includes showing all hybrid neighbourhoods and hot desk locations. Then, you can generate reports for all of these factors. Being able to quickly gather the data together means you spend less time curating reports and more time making useful decisions.

Don’t worry if you have hybrid or agile seating, we can account for that too. Accordant accounts for ‘slots’ available, meaning that it can account for space allowed by hybrid seating when used at the same time as traditional seating. This is also very simply broken down, giving you all the data you need.

If you need conclusive information about your current space quickly, Accordant’s survey tool can generate this information with very minimal effort from you and your team. This is the best way to evaluate your space for a situation like this. Our surveying tool is incredibly popular with many and is often used by service providers to evaluate offices beyond those who subscribe to Accordant.

Our survey tool allows you to set up surveys in minutes. You can customise exactly which floors are involved and create bespoke questions to make sure you are surveying everything in the detail you need. This can then be carried out using our Accordant Anywhere app. This is downloaded onto a tablet, and then can be used to collect data manually. You can make surveying your space even easier by connecting Accordant to smart sensors and let the data collect itself. We also make sure that this data is dynamic. We allow you to report ‘signs of life’ to account for those who may not be present at the time of data collection but still count towards occupancy.

Once your survey is complete, you can then convert this data into a range of reports, including an easy-to-understand heat map which depicts floor use. Giving these to the CEO will either give him basis for his new 3 day office plan, or give him the foresight to get more space to enforce this new regime.



Moving teams around, planning for future special gains, or even losses, are vital for managing space well. But this can be tricky, especially if you are trying to make predictions over large estates or areas. What is needed here is a tool which allows you to not only identify places and times where changes will need to be made, but experiment with what changes will best help your organisation.

Accordant’s Strategy module allows you to do all of this. You can input data about your space your staff and the system will automatically identify crisis points in your estate. That’s where our stacker tool comes in. This lets you visually break down all the floors you need into the departments on those floors. Visually, you can analyse these, move them around and break them up. You can also experiment with adding flexible space to your floors and even customise the ratios that these flexible areas have. All of this is hypothetical and can be done and redone as many times as you need, for as many scenarios as you need. If the crisis points you experiment with come into play, these strategies can then be applied to a move job. Our Strategy module makes predicting the future of your space so much easier.

Guesswork is not something that you want to base your space management on. For many, hybrid working patterns are new, and can be hard to define, as they can’t be counted in the traditional way that we are used to. So, many guess. However, Accordant can take away that guesswork – and give you the evidence to back it up.

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