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Are you looking to get your space in order for the new academic year?

It’s not too late! 


You could be using Accordant and its vast functionality in just a few short weeks. One of the things our clients love about the software is how quick it is to set up. If you have CAD drawings they can be directly input into the system or ported over from your legacy system. Accordant is a scalable solution so it doesn’t matter if you have a single building or multiple campuses. We don’t need to polyline every desk to have highly accurate data ready to be used in all your reports. Using our 100% web-based system to make changes to your estate you can reduce those time intensive task by up to 70%. Leaving you more time to plan, manage and strategize your space.

Easy space allocation

Reporting to stakeholders is a deadline everyone finds stressful. Allocating space to the correct departments, assigning the right types of space and then putting it all into an easy-to-read error-free report sounds daunting. With Accordant you can assign space directly on a floor plan so you can see exactly where the space is located and spot any errors immediately. A full set of both visual and data driven tools will help keep your space running smoothly. When you need to report to managers or other departments there are out of the box reports ready to use from day 1 or we can import your own custom reports. Let’s get your space in order for the new academic year.

Let’s plan a move

It would be nice to have a large team of people to plan every move but not everyone has that luxury and often it’s down to 1 or 2 people to make sure that everything goes to plan. Accordant’s move module has a range of tools to help you through this process. A single person can quickly identify those who need to be moved and assign new seating on a visual floor plan with simple drag and drop. It doesn’t have to be one at a time either with our multi-select and drop tools. People don’t often move without at least some assets, these can be easily added with just a click of the button, and then confirmed in the checking process. Now all you need is our standard move documentation which can be sent directly to employees and contractors so everyone knows where they are going. Our clients have successfully completed zero-mistake moves for the first time when using Accordant.