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The future of space is going to look very different to how it looks even now. In the last few years it has changed drastically. So, make sure that you, as a service provider, are providing your clients with the tools to keep everything running efficiently and effectively.

That’s where Accordant comes in. We offer a range of solutions, all in one web-based software that lets you handle any space management issues they may have.

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Get their problems solved in a month
Get them the tools that will make managing their space easier than ever

‘We struggle to identify all of our space in buildings across our estate’

Track space down the the square foot. Everything can be easily classified as the appropriate space type, assigned to the correct Department, and charged-back accordingly in no time at all. Reporting is also as simple as clicking a button. Detailed information on any and all parts of your estate is always available to you and to present to your customers.

‘Move jobs take months to complete, especially when it’s a big job’

Performing moves and changes around the office is as simple as dragging and dropping on the office floor plan. Our Moves module allows moves and changes to be planned and replanned as many times as you like. We also include a Schemas function to plan for upcoming changes to the floor plan. Move jobs can go from a days long processes to minutes!

‘Now that hybrid is the normal working pattern we find it so difficult to organize our staff’

For those quick changes, our Drag and drop feature is also available in our occupancy module. This means that live changes can be done in seconds. Occupancy can be tracked, reported on and optimized like never before. We also offer the option of special locations, allowing your customer to account for hybrid / hot desk working patterns.

‘We want to introduce more booking options, but don’t know where to begin’

Our Bookings module allows your clients several options to organize their bookable space for every potential work schedule. Either book from your laptop, or our MyDesk phone application. We offer hot desking, hotel desking and agile area organization. Have as many of these as you want / need for no extra cost, ever.

‘We need to make sure that our utilization is good, and if not, where we need to change things’

Accordant also includes a utilization survey function. Especially now, making sure you are utilizing your space is essential to businesses. As standard, your clients will be able to conduct a number of surveys, either by manually using our Accordant Anywhere tablet application, or linking the system up to smart sensors. Once completed, a number or reports can be easily generated.

‘Now that we use a booking system, I can’t find any of my team!’

Even our most basic module, Finder, allows the user to find any one, any thing, and any room in your estate using only a few standard search criteria. This module is also responsive to bookings, meaning that you can always find your team, wherever they are. Your client can also see all of this data presented directly on their floor plans.