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Make sure that all of your space is accounted for, optimized, and being used to help your company grow and thrive. Find out how our range of tools in Accordant could help your business to achieve their goals.

Always utilize your Space

Working in retail means knowing better than most just how important space utilization is. The different sites that need to all be effectively managed present an issue that Accordant can solve. With Accordant, you can conduct surveys that collect all the information that you need on different utilization elements. You can link your surveys to smart sensors and then convert the collected data into a range of easy to understand reports. Maximum utilization can be reached much quicker and easier than you think. That begins with Accordant.

Easy space allocation

Allocating space to the correct departments, assigning the right types of space and then putting it all into an easy-to-read error-free report sounds daunting. With Accordant you can assign space directly on a floor plan. This means you can see exactly where the space is located and spot any errors immediately. A full set of both visual and data driven tools will help keep your space running smoothly. When you need to report to managers / other departments there are out of the box reports ready to use from day 1. Let’s get your space in order.

Make sure your space is occupied

Making sure that your space is occupied accordingly is as easy as dragging and dropping on a visual representation of your floor plan. Then, report on occupancy down to each departments specific allocations around your estate. In retail, space is precious, so making sure that you have all of the information you need is vital. Our module even allows you to label and report specifically on vacant space. We provide many different reports as standard, but can also discuss adding in automations to produce any reports that you may need to regularly produce. This module is home to our special locations. These allow your employees to work remotely / have a hybrid schedule. Find out more about this feature by booking a demo with us.

Let’s plan a move

It would be nice to have a large team of people to plan every move but often it’s down to 1 or 2 people. Accordant’s move module has a range of tools to streamline this process. A single person can quickly identify those who need to be moved and assign new seating on a visual floor plan. This is also done with a simple drag and drop. It doesn’t have to be one at a time either with our multi-select and drop tools. People don’t often move without at least some assets. These can be easily added with just a click of the button, and then confirmed in the checking process. Now all you need is our standard move documentation which can be sent directly to employees and contractors so everyone knows where they are going. Our clients successfully complete zero-mistake moves when using Accordant.