6 reasons you need the best move tools on the market


Visually Drag and Drop your movers

Performing move jobs is easier then ever. Our drag and drop function allows you to arrange everything visually. This has easily identifiable ‘to’ and ‘from’ icons so you can see exactly where all changes have been made. Many of our current clients find this to be one of the most useful features in the system as it is also present in our Occupancy module.

Arranging staff can take seconds – watch this video to see how quick and effective drag and drop moving is!


Let’s get people on the Moving Bus

This feature goes hand in hand with using our drag and drop feature. You can see it being used in the video above, and is another great way to make sure that no one ever slips through the cracks when organizing a move job. This lists out all movers, including those added to the bus during the visual organization. The movers can be sectioned into region, department or alphabetical order. You start your moves with all of the movers here, and you can slowly organize and move them to where they need to be. This can be done systematically in chunks, or can be done using the drag and drop feature.


Add assets to your move job

Adding equipment and assets to your mover and move job is a great way to make sure that everything needed is involved in the move. Select assets to be added at a huge radius to your mover and add it to their crate. This can be relocated to the same desk as the mover, or to another desk as needed. Once again, dragging and dropping to the desired location to make this as easy as possible.

Visually see your floor plan when choosing which assets to add to make sure the correct ones are added. Watch this quick video to see how much detail we provide, making it easy to add the right assets as needed.


Give access to the right people

Accordant allows all modules to have limited or no access depending on the relevance of personnel. This is another way that we can guarantee that no mistakes can be made by a member of staff stumbling across a move job by mistake. Permissions can also be extended to the point of letting a user create move jobs without being able to edit jobs created by others.

This also makes sure that any future moving plans can stay confidential until your team decides to make them public.


Create documentation with just one click

With a click of a button, standard documentation can easily be created. This can be done for any documentation associated with your move, including move packs, details, and even moving labels. Then, easily send documentation to relevant team members. Everyone will always be in the know, from movers to managers and even supplier.

If a change needs to be made, the documentation can quickly be re-made and re-sent with updated information. Everyone involved will be kept up to date. This eliminates all of those intricate spreadsheets and hours creating individual documents. Move jobs organized and painless experience.


Quick move jobs from the moment you start using Accordant

Making sure that your office space is being used, and used well, is vital to making sure that you have the space you need. Whether you have a few hundred square metres of office space, or millions of square feet, Accordant can track it all. Our system is used by a range of companies that vary in size, and Accordant fits all of their needs. We have assisted in moves for small offices, as well as whole building moves, making sure that thousands of employees were able to be appropriately assigned. You may be considering a big change in your company, so make sure you have the tools to make this as easy as possible.

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These are just a few of the many features that come as standard with Accordant. So, get in contact today to book a demo and see more of the features that could be exactly what you need to manage and optimize your office space.