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Space Management for Healthcare

All the tools you will ever need to manage your space


Assign your Space

With multiple levels of space assignment Accordant has specific tools for healthcare estate planning. Using interactive floor plans space can be given a type or purpose which work completely independently from each other. Any unassigned space can be easily identified and quickly altered. Multi-level access allows for overall coverage, with those on the ground making small changes to ensure accurate up-to-date information.

Plan your Estate 

Accordant’s unbeatable strategy tools ensure you extract maximum value from your assets now and in the future. Our wide range of functionality includes interlinking modules for space, occupancy, strategy and moves to manage everything from one place. Estate strategy and investment planning is made simple with Accordant.

Ready to go Data

With our 100% web-delivered system live occupancy or space data can be easily shared with key decision makers. Create quick PDF outputs of visual information with a single click. Or offer those involved view-only access directly in the system due to the multiple permission levels.

One Click Reporting

With accurate information you can confidently create instant reports at a click of a button. Accordant has a number of standard reports that can be used immediately after set up. Visual floor plans quickly become PDF’s and CSV spreadsheets of raw data are just moments away. Filter reports to specific estates, buildings or floors directly from the web.

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