6 reasons you need the best Booking tools on the market

Desk booking can be a great way to know exactly when you are in the office and where you can sit, but it’s also a great way to loose your team. However, Accordant will always show you the live outlook on your office.

Whether looking in the booking module or using our wayfinding tool, these are always responsive too bookings. Selecting a desk and the required date will show yo exactly who has booked.

This module, just like every other Accordant module, has features that let you easily curate reports and look at the figures you need. We always want to make reporting as easy as possible so that you can stop focusing on graphs and figures, and focus on your office and the people in it.

This module lets you look at each desk in the place(s) you choose and look at how they have been used over a specific number of weeks. This will show the exact number of booking for each week and can convert this into a percentage to show the usage each desk gets in a simple way. Easily convert this into a report as needed.

Accordant has an interface that works from your mobile phone that allows you to book desks at any time. This works through HTML-5 and doesn’t require you to download an app. You can easily book your desks in the same way that you can from your desktop. With one quick email you can authenticate your access and you are ready to go.

This feature also allows you to access our wayfinding feature to see when and where your team have booked to be in the office. All of this information is easily accessible in the palm of your hand.

Making sure you have the space you need can be done in just seconds. If you need one specific space, you are able to reserve this desk for up to a month. This gives you full access to this space without worrying about another person booking.

If you want more freedom, you can also sporadically book for up to a month in advance.

When booking a desk, you can easily select parameters that extend far beyond which building and floor you want to book on. You can select particular assets that have to be present at the location you want to book. This can range from a phone or a monitor to specialised equipment that you need to do your work. Simply tick a few checkboxes and you will only see the desks applicable to you.

Accordant can also automatically rule out any desks that aren’t assigned to your department, so you will only ever see the desks that you can book. No more guess work.

The use of Collaborators has changes the way that Accordant’s users book. This allows you to create bookings and transfer them to members of your team when they need it. This helps everyone stay organised and keeps the team together. This is incredibly easy to do and all of your collaborators are right there for you to book for and transfer to.

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