Golub Capital

Golub Capital is a direct lender and credit asset manager who have worked for almost 30 years. They have been expanding their business to be a trusted partner to many. They have hundreds of employees spread out over America and Europe. 

Golub Capital already had several systems in place. They had accounting software, as well as an administration software solution specific to lease management. This was working well for them, but having several different systems trying to work in tandem had its issues. They were also lacking software that could help with other space management issues, such as floor mapping and moves and changes. 

All of these issues came to a head when Golub were thinking about bringing their workforce back into the office. They had over 200 000 square feet of space, and needed to make sure that they could use as much as possible. The team also needed to keep with social distancing guidelines and making sure their staff felt comfortable. 

Returning to the office after the pandemic also raised the question of how much space was needed at all. Hybrid working was, and still is, incredibly popular, and so there may be less need for enough space for individual desks. So, leases may have to be changed. Then, once their space was decided, they needed to be able to arrange and rearrange people as restrictions changed.

They wanted a system that gave them the ability to be on top of all of the different facets of managing this task, and any other tasks that arose once everyone had moved back in. 

What Happened:

The team went looking, and it didn’t take them long to settle on Accordant as the software that did everything they needed. Nancy Miller, Assistant vice president of facilities and administration, “…the Accordant solution fit the momma bear, poppa bear, baby bear thing, giving us what we needed to do the job.”

They set up their system and it became an invaluable asset in the process of getting their employees back into the office. Tools like our shift manager came in handy to help organize, especially when restrictions were incredibly rigorous. They were able to deliver a clear and direct hybrid working plan. This meant everyone had time in office, and kept everyone feeling safe coming into work. 

Since all restrictions were lifted, Golub is still using Accordant’s many modules to help with their space planning and management. They continue to use our moves module every time they need to conduct a move, no matter how big or small. 

Our booking module is something that Golub is now exploring. Looking to diversify their hybrid working abilities, they found that giving their staff freedom to choose when and where they work has been successful. Accordant offers the ability to easily book locations from your desktop or phone. It is incredibly easy to become acquainted with, even for the most inexperienced of users. This has increased engagement in their office, especially the larger sites.

Going into the future, Golub are looking into expanding their use of Accordant even further. They want to take advantage of the software’s full potential. We are very happy to work alongside them and support them with making the most out of their space.