Streamlined Modules

Our module system allows you to access all the information you

need without all of the unnecessary fidling about.


Find people and resources easily using our simple tool that connects any browser to the latest floor plan layouts.


If it’s a major relocation, regular churn or just a “what if” scenario, the comprehensive moving module allows you to plan and execute with drag and drop simplicity.


Ensure that occupancy, vacancy and headcount data is up-to-date, accurate and can be accessed quickly through a range of reports.


If you recharge leased space to cost centers within your business you will love the power and simplicity of Accordant’s Space system.


Test your space utilisation, study activity profiles or create your own custom surveys. Find hot and cold spots easily and evaluate new layouts.


Keep up-to-date with lease expirations and store extensive details and documents related to your leases in one central location.

The Moving Bus

Use the moving bus as your clipboard whilst creating move projects. Either search for someone and add them to the bus or drag them directly into the bus from a floor plan. Moving to another floor couldn't be simpler and all your movers will stay on the bus until you drag them to a new location. 


Easily move people from one location to another using the drag and drop feature. If moving to another floor use the moving bus as your clipboard whilst you switch between drawings.


Moves & Change Management

Moving people and equipment or space planning can be a long, admin-heavy, labour-intensive process. With Accordant this can all be done in a few clicks of a mouse with our simple drag-and-drop interface and unrivalled move management capability.

Find People and Assets Easily

In organisations with flexible working environments, it can be hard to find people, equipment or free space to work. With Accordant’s powerful browser-based finder tool, it couldn’t be easier.

Scenario Planning

Envisage multiple future business scenarios or create and analyse any “what if” scenarios on new floor plans. Run a range of reports to get a detailed understanding of how any changes would impact your organisation and ensure that you have plans in place to deal with them.


Our users range from organistions with a few hundred desks right up to the largest multinational corporations. No other system has the power and flexibility to drill down through Estates, Buildings and Floors to manage your space accurately and efficiently.

Move People and Assets

Pick and choose which assets will be moved with an employee based on the from location. Asset moves can also be created as a stand alone move.


Agile Areas

Create agile areas and add people to each of the zones. Rename zones and analyse them for reporting.