Utilisation Surveys and Activity Analysis

The way people use space across an organisation is constantly changing and the reality often differs from how it is set out on a floor plan. Employee’s will use empty desks as storage spaces or break out areas, and meeting rooms can end up as offices. As roles change, space needs to evolve too and estate managers hoping to optimise desk utilisation need to keep track of these trends and adapt accordingly. The Accordant Anywhere application enables you to capture live information about space usage on any mobile android device.

Utilisation Heat Map Reports

Easily create a range of reports for your utilisation survey including heat maps in either low, medium or high resolution. Quickly and easily see which areas are not used and which are over used.

Visual Utilisation Studies

Complete utilisation surveys directly on a floor plan using the unique 'painty finger' feature which colours desks based on whether they are occupied or not.

Activity Samples

Complete Activity surveys alongside utilisation surveys. Choose from a variety of preset activities that are being undertaken around the floor plan such as filing & admin, informal meetings or eating & drinking.

Android Application

Accordant Anywhere is available to download on any Android tablet or smart phone.